Matt Santos

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Former President Santos throwing his support behind Obama...

Texas family man,

Invigourates the White House,

With Latino heat.

Arnold Vinick

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I voted for him...

Social moderate

The veteran nominee

So close, nearly won.


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She disappeared, were the CIA to blame?

Oh Mandy you came

Left with no explanation

How is Mandyville?

Danny Concannon

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Taken when he was working for Beard's Weekly magazine

Ginger fact miner

In persistent search for truth

Got more, got a wife


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Steve... the Ladies Man.

Press Corp veteran,

White House is his second home,

News hound gets the scoop.

Abigail Bartlet

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Ice queen first Lady

Doctor, you stand by your man

Wait, weren’t you in Grease?!

Josh Lyman

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Josh, in his most revealing photo shoot yet, exclusively for Haiku Crew

He says “walk with me”

Ginger receding hairline

But will he find love? 

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