One Direction

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Niall's onesie was a little too tight ...

They light up our world

That’s what makes them beautiful

Niall’s our favourite

Ashton Kutcher

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EXCLUSIVE PICTURE: Caught in the act with a cute blonde ...

Once liked to punk peeps

So now we hear he’s been cheating

Surely it’s a joke?

Kevin Smith

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Passionately protesting...

Once a Silent Bob,

Clerk who found passion for film,

Tweets to millions.

TV Detective Week

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Ahoy there crew!

This week we’ll be deliberating and celebrating some of our favourite television detectives. Fire some requests across our starboard side via twitter or email and we will endeavour to deliver.

Stay tuned haiku lovers.

Peter Serafinowicz

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Nick and Peter duffed Simon Pegg, buried him under a patio then made a brew

 His name fills a line

Peter Serafinowicz

You’ll recognise him

Hugh Grant

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Looking simply divine ...

 B. J in a car?

Couldn’t stop you Rom-coming

Floppy haired bugger

Jonathan Ross

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Jonathan loved sports day.

Floppy haired fun man

You’re right Acorah’s a dick

Get back on telly