Quincy MD

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Spoiler alert! He's feeling up a woman in this pic

Old pathologist

Might look like a normal death …

It was MURDER Sam


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Police dogs come from all walks of life these days ...

Say Ice Ice baby

With tweed hat and a cuppa

Old Frosty solves crime


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Like what you see ladies? Hmmm?

Always on repeat

Drink loving womaniser

He kept Jersey safe

Jonathan Ames

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Yes please. Red.

Large nosed novelist,

Bungling P.I. for hire,

Unlicensed of course.

Doctor Mark Sloan

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Show us yer Dick Van Dyke!

An amateur sleuth,

Always trumps his cop son Steve,

Doctor Death, Mark Sloan.

Thomas Magnum

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Look at that tash!!!

Brightly coloured shirts,

With a finely combed moustache,

He’ll be your P.I.

Father Dowling

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'Can you do ten o'clock mass? I've got a murder to solve.'

A man of the cloth

Solves more murders than Jesus,

Still gives a good mass.

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