CJ Cregg

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CJ, keeping abreast of current affairs

She handled the press

Gracefully in a pant suit

And did the jackal

Conan O’Brien

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Your ginger needs YOU

The Ginga Ninga,

Floppy quiff like a live wire,

In Coco we trust.

Peter Serafinowicz

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Nick and Peter duffed Simon Pegg, buried him under a patio then made a brew

 His name fills a line

Peter Serafinowicz

You’ll recognise him

Handsome Pete

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'Arrr! Not a quarter... he'll be dancing for hours'

Small midget captain,

He’ll be your private dancer,

Dancing for money.

Chris O’Dowd

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He’s turning you off and on again in those pants

Roscommon man says…

“Turn if off and on again.”

I.T Crowd Hero

Charlie Brooker

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"Oh shit I left the iron plugged in."

Sometimes surly gent

Wit razor sharp cuts so deep

Makes us chuckle mind

Guy Garvey

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Would the owner of a silver Corsa, registration ...

Soulful troubadour

Bearded or no, the tunes flow

Mancunian delight

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