Boba Fett

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Aniston is wanted on twelve systems...

Jet pack and blaster,

This bad ass bounty hunter,

Lives in the Sarlaac.


Admiral Ackbar

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"It's a trap!"

Mon Calamari,

Although not much to look at,

Damn tasty deep fried.


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"Klop Jabba poo pah. Goo paknee ata pankpa."

Crafty Rodian,

But you cant fool Han Solo,

Who really shot first?

Star Wars Week




In a small house far, far away (Dublin) the Crew have decided to watch all the Star Wars movies in chronological order. The seasoned Star Wars veteran member of the Crew will haiku his thoughts, the Star Wars novice member will haiku her first impressions of Lucas’s creations. It’s Star Wars week with the Haiku Crew.  May the force be with you.