Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson)

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Playing Heather Mills in an upcoming biopic

Played Daisy in Spaced

Co-wrote the show too, you know

A great arse in jeans

Jar Jar Binks

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Hopefully taking his last breath. (Seriously I can't even understand what he's saying half of the time and the CGI is just abominable. I can understand why Tim Bisley from Spaced loathed him. He's a tool.)


So irritating

Shittest character ever 

Episode One’s fail

Bill Bailey

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Mock his hair and hell set the falcons on you

Troll like viking man

Why must your hair be so wild?

Resplendent barnet

Simon Pegg

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His hands were busy playing Resident Evil

You’re prince of the nerds

Simon Pegg Sci Fi lover

Thank you for Spaced