Neil Young

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Old man take a look at my life…

Sung, hey hey, my my

Rock and roll will never die

Neil Young is now Old


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Photo taken during his time on The Apprentice. "You're fired!"

He’s a great singer 

Not a water bound mammal 

Kiss From A Rose rocks

Cheryl Cole

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Misunderstood Geordie... what's that you say?

A bathroom boxer,

Swung and missed in the U.S

Lost in translation.

Kerry Katona

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Happier times...

Once was a kitten

Explored Iceland, found some ‘snow’

Someone save those kids.

Lady Gaga

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Meat dress was success,

Your poker face now has horns,

Were you born that way?

Joe McElderry

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Reduced to singing for his brunch...

Fame beckoned to you,

The people voted for you,

Now they can’t find you.

Bob Geldof

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'Just give us yer f**kin' money...'

Never liked mondays,

Young pied piper of The Rats,

Turned grumpy old man.

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