Stevie Nicks

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Return of the Mac...


Bewitching vocals,

And billowing chiffon skirts,

You haunted our Dreams.


Grace Slick

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Jefferson Airplane

Followed the white rabbit...


Soared with the Airplane,

Then climbed aboard the Starship,

You built this city.

Jackson Browne

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Monster of vaguely folkish alternative rock...


Running on empty

A songwriter turned singer,

Became folk hero.


John Lydon

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An angry young man with terrible posture.


Rotten attitude

A snarling, sneering, jeering



Debbie Harry

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A young Debbie Harry flashing us her... haiku!

Smouldering good looks,

With eclectic mix of styles,

Broke this heart of glass.

Eddie Van Halen

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Jumping the shark...

Maximum feedback,

Intense, fret tapping solos

Both lead singers left.

Liam Gallagher

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"Yes, I said two tickets to Disney on Ice."

Bigger than Jesus?

During the 90s, you were

Not mad for it now

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