Boris Johnson

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Never have I ever...

A floppy blond head,

Please speak up, you’re mumbling

Bumbling Boris

Arnold Vinick

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I voted for him...

Social moderate

The veteran nominee

So close, nearly won.

Josh Lyman

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Josh, in his most revealing photo shoot yet, exclusively for Haiku Crew

He says “walk with me”

Ginger receding hairline

But will he find love? 

Bob Geldof

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'Just give us yer f**kin' money...'

Never liked mondays,

Young pied piper of The Rats,

Turned grumpy old man.

Wyclef Jean

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Just 'cause she dances go-go, it don't make her a hoe no...

Once was a Fugee,

Haitian politics beckoned,

Look out for Sean Penn!