Brett Anderson

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He farts words


Animal lover

You were so young and skinny

A beautiful one

L.A. Confidential

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“No Guy that’s not Helen Daniels in the car …”

Some bad assery

And fights over Basinger

Crowe scares us a lot

Pat Cash


Where does he store his balls?

Used to play the court

But loves shredding guitar now 

We miss his mullet 

Ryan Dunn


In memoriam

Gets nude, does some pranks

A beardy basement dweller 

He was not afraid

CJ Cregg

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CJ, keeping abreast of current affairs

She handled the press

Gracefully in a pant suit

And did the jackal

Nick Frost


In his birthday suit, on his birthday.

Mirthful hairy gent

Looks like you’d give a good hug

More nudity please