Benedict Cumberbatch

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Eyeballing bitches like a moody Irish Setter…

Ginger in real life

Face that looks like a horse’s*

Has Cumberbitches

*His words, not ours.

Steve O

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His back speaks the truth!

Hot in a speedo

Two thumbs up that he’s off drugs

Knarly wilder-dude

Pat Cash


Where does he store his balls?

Used to play the court

But loves shredding guitar now 

We miss his mullet 

Gok Wan

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He could be hiding in a rail of bras near you ...

Speccy gay lad who

Accentuates your bangers

See him, get naked

Josh Lyman

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Josh, in his most revealing photo shoot yet, exclusively for Haiku Crew

He says “walk with me”

Ginger receding hairline

But will he find love? 

CJ Cregg

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CJ, keeping abreast of current affairs

She handled the press

Gracefully in a pant suit

And did the jackal

Liam Gallagher

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"Yes, I said two tickets to Disney on Ice."

Bigger than Jesus?

During the 90s, you were

Not mad for it now