Robin Williams

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In memoriam


Mrs Doubtfire charmed

Brought us hairy laughs: A star

Loss so large it hurts


Benedict Cumberbatch

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Eyeballing bitches like a moody Irish Setter…

Ginger in real life

Face that looks like a horse’s*

Has Cumberbitches

*His words, not ours.


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Trying to escape from inside a very small box

Has a lovely wife

A dancer extraordinaire

Who loves an aul chat



Alan Carr

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"Lionel? I think youve got the wrong number mate."

Speccy but lovely

A bromance with JLC?

You saved a man once

Guy Garvey

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Would the owner of a silver Corsa, registration ...

Soulful troubadour

Bearded or no, the tunes flow

Mancunian delight