Gabriel “Gay” Mitchell

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Ah dear...

Gay in the Aras?

Thats what Fine Gael hope for.

A bit too dull though.

Queen Elizabeth II

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Under the watchful eye of 10,000 Gardai...

The neighbouring Queen,

Set down upon Irish soil,

Loves a good visit.

Eurovision Special: Jedward

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A hefty Louis Walsh tried to sneak up behind the boys …

Twins fabulous twins

Bring Glory back to Ireland?

Lipstick on let’s go!

Bob Geldof

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'Just give us yer f**kin' money...'

Never liked mondays,

Young pied piper of The Rats,

Turned grumpy old man.

Saint Patrick

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Snake Charmer

'Theres motherf**kin' snakes on the motherf**kin' ground...'

With staff held aloft,

You drove the snakes from Ireland,

Leprehauns as well?

Enda Kenny

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Pondering the essence of femininity

Despite his soft looks

Enda Kenny is not a lady

Silly New York Times