One Direction

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Niall's onesie was a little too tight ...

They light up our world

That’s what makes them beautiful

Niall’s our favourite

Pat Sharp

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Party up front AND party at the back!

Once had a mullet,

Lush, wavey, full of volume,

Lost to middle age…


Rebekah Brooks

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Like a melancholy Irish Setter

The Queen of Fleet Street

Did everything for the scoop,

Now, off with her head!

Andy Murray

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Andy stubbed his toe

Primed for victory

Can he thrash mighty Nadal?

He’ll give it a whirl

Andre Agassi

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The mullet was cool,

Lost the hair but kept the flare ,

A sports superstar.

Ehren McGhehey

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Who needs teeth? Wha?

Oh danger Ehren

Why do the others taunt you?

Leave him alone lads

Professor Brian Cox

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Meanwhile, on Brian's roof: "No one will ever know I'm stealing free cable..."

A man of science

Makes physics interesting

Total D:Ream boat

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