Neil Young

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Old man take a look at my life…

Sung, hey hey, my my

Rock and roll will never die

Neil Young is now Old


90’s Week

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Put down that Gameboy, take of those Roller Blades and but don’f forget to feed that Tamagotchi.

Why don’t you tune in to our 90’s week of Haiku’s and take a trip down memory lane.

Cowabunga dude!

Dana Rosemary Scallon

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"Don't smite me, oh mighty one."

Unlikely she’ll win

Needs all kinds of everything

Get praying Dana


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So long suckers !

Flying without wings?

But really seemed unbreakable

Brian? Who’s Brian?

Star Wars Week




In a small house far, far away (Dublin) the Crew have decided to watch all the Star Wars movies in chronological order. The seasoned Star Wars veteran member of the Crew will haiku his thoughts, the Star Wars novice member will haiku her first impressions of Lucas’s creations. It’s Star Wars week with the Haiku Crew.  May the force be with you.


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The years have not been kind...

A plumber by trade

Killed apes, mushrooms and turtles

But where’s the Princess?

Randy Savage

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In memoriam

Infinite sit-ups,

The King of the Ring, Oh Yeahh!,

A real macho man.

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