Jackson Browne

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Monster of vaguely folkish alternative rock...


Running on empty

A songwriter turned singer,

Became folk hero.



Eddie Van Halen

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Jumping the shark...

Maximum feedback,

Intense, fret tapping solos

Both lead singers left.

Eric Clapton

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Having a laugh with some fruit...


Layla broke your heart,

She looked wonderful that night,

Had enough bad love.

Johnny Marr

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Hang the DJ!


Indie pioneer,

Rickenbacker skipped along,

Cool, calm turtleneck.

Jimi Hendrix

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Flamin' heck he could play...


A flaming guitar,

Showman played with teeth and licks,

Trapped in purple haze.


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A gentleman always leaves his hat on...

Top hat high aloft,

Guitar wailing in the storm,

The solo cried out.