Benedict Cumberbatch

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Eyeballing bitches like a moody Irish Setter…

Ginger in real life

Face that looks like a horse’s*

Has Cumberbitches

*His words, not ours.


Rebekah Brooks

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Like a melancholy Irish Setter

The Queen of Fleet Street

Did everything for the scoop,

Now, off with her head!

Boris Becker

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Tennis ace or angel of death? You decide.

A hit with the girls,

Wimbledons youngest champ had,

German efficience.

Danny Concannon

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Taken when he was working for Beard's Weekly magazine

Ginger fact miner

In persistent search for truth

Got more, got a wife

Josh Lyman

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Josh, in his most revealing photo shoot yet, exclusively for Haiku Crew

He says “walk with me”

Ginger receding hairline

But will he find love? 

Horatio Caine

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Always gets his man

Miami’s only ginger,

Stays cool in his shades

Conan O’Brien

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Your ginger needs YOU

The Ginga Ninga,

Floppy quiff like a live wire,

In Coco we trust.

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