President Michael D Higgins

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From one president to another...

Man for all seasons,

President, poet, wizard?

Martin Sheen approved.


Martin McGuinness

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Wait a second...

Controversial choice

The Garfunkle of the North,

Might suprise us all.


Gabriel “Gay” Mitchell

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Ah dear...

Gay in the Aras?

Thats what Fine Gael hope for.

A bit too dull though.

Mary Davis

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Are you well. Cause you're looking well...

The lady in red

Failed to impress with the dress

Here come the girls? Shiiiit

Dana Rosemary Scallon

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"Don't smite me, oh mighty one."

Unlikely she’ll win

Needs all kinds of everything

Get praying Dana

Senator David Norris

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Athletic, but is he President?

Stood down, then stood up

Everyone loves a comeback

But do they David???

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