Kevin Smith

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Passionately protesting...

Once a Silent Bob,

Clerk who found passion for film,

Tweets to millions.

Randy Savage

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In memoriam

Infinite sit-ups,

The King of the Ring, Oh Yeahh!,

A real macho man.

Peter Serafinowicz

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Nick and Peter duffed Simon Pegg, buried him under a patio then made a brew

 His name fills a line

Peter Serafinowicz

You’ll recognise him

Nicolas Cage

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Shhhhh! Don't startle it.

Once full and wavy,

Hair today, gone tomorrow,

A wig master class.

Chris O’Dowd

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He’s turning you off and on again in those pants

Roscommon man says…

“Turn if off and on again.”

I.T Crowd Hero

Hugh Grant

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Looking simply divine ...

 B. J in a car?

Couldn’t stop you Rom-coming

Floppy haired bugger

Jim McDonald

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Oh god, he's drunk on the bucky, so he is, so he is...

You’re a fine wife Liz,

So you are, but don’t talk back,

Or I’ll bate your beak.

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