Timmy Mallet

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I'd sooner hit him in the face with a hammer...

With his foam mallet,

This loud and abrasive man,

Plagued us for too long…


Eric Cantona

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Oooh, aaah Cantona!

With upturned collar,

The suave, French philosopher

Also knew Kung Fu.

Screech Powers

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Screech pictured during his short lived marriage to Lindsay Lohan

For whom the bell tolls

Nerd who never got the girl

Did in his porno …

Mr Blobby O.B.E

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Opulent times during the 'Blobby Boom'.

Pink, yellow, spotty,

Once Noel Edmunds arch rival,

Crashed his house party.

Cher Horowitz

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Just before store detectives tackled her to the ground.

A total Betty

And virgin who couldn’t drive

But shit TV show

90’s Week

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Put down that Gameboy, take of those Roller Blades and but don’f forget to feed that Tamagotchi.

Why don’t you tune in to our 90’s week of Haiku’s and take a trip down memory lane.

Cowabunga dude!