Benedict Cumberbatch

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Eyeballing bitches like a moody Irish Setter…

Ginger in real life

Face that looks like a horse’s*

Has Cumberbitches

*His words, not ours.


Neil Young

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Old man take a look at my life…

Sung, hey hey, my my

Rock and roll will never die

Neil Young is now Old

Jessica Hynes (nee Stevenson)

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Playing Heather Mills in an upcoming biopic

Played Daisy in Spaced

Co-wrote the show too, you know

A great arse in jeans


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Trying to escape from inside a very small box

Has a lovely wife

A dancer extraordinaire

Who loves an aul chat




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The terror of the seven seas …

An icon of style

Is she sixty five? No way!

The girl’s still got it

One Direction

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Niall's onesie was a little too tight ...

They light up our world

That’s what makes them beautiful

Niall’s our favourite

Timmy Mallet

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I'd sooner hit him in the face with a hammer...

With his foam mallet,

This loud and abrasive man,

Plagued us for too long…

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