Francie “Touchy” Feeley

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Hello … Is it Steve you’re looking for?

He likes the ladies

But smells terribly like fish

Caution! He’s handsy


Gene Wilder

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A man of his moods.


Fuzzy haired actor

Plays a great crazy person

Born to be Wilder

Dominic Monaghan

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Dom and the Rout are about to open a can of whoop ass.

Was a young sidekick.

Went to Middle Earth. Got Lost.

Hobbit cameo?

David O’Doherty

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Hairy, funny chap,

Musically minded whimsy

But he’s got some beefs.

Andrew WK

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Pictured with his faithful party hound which he has trained to mix mojitos.

A true party lord

Who parties parties parties

And parties some more

Benedict Cumberbatch

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Eyeballing bitches like a moody Irish Setter…

Ginger in real life

Face that looks like a horse’s*

Has Cumberbitches

*His words, not ours.

Neil Young

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Old man take a look at my life…

Sung, hey hey, my my

Rock and roll will never die

Neil Young is now Old

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