Robin Williams

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In memoriam


Mrs Doubtfire charmed

Brought us hairy laughs: A star

Loss so large it hurts


Francie “Touchy” Feeley

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Hello … Is it Steve you’re looking for?

He likes the ladies

But smells terribly like fish

Caution! He’s handsy

Moone Boy Special

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Do you love Moone Boy as much as the Haiku Crew? Of course you do, it’s brilliant. So sit back, relax and enjoy our Moone Boy Friday. Because soup is the thinking man’s tea.

Gene Wilder

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A man of his moods.


Fuzzy haired actor

Plays a great crazy person

Born to be Wilder

Dominic Monaghan

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Dom and the Rout are about to open a can of whoop ass.

Was a young sidekick.

Went to Middle Earth. Got Lost.

Hobbit cameo?

David O’Doherty

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Hairy, funny chap,

Musically minded whimsy

But he’s got some beefs.

Andrew WK

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Pictured with his faithful party hound which he has trained to mix mojitos.

A true party lord

Who parties parties parties

And parties some more

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